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Booms and Barriers

Barriers or "booms" as they are more commonly known are used to prevent access to your premises or control who is able to enter

At Control instruments we supply a wide range of booms and barriers to suit your needs whether its normal traffic barriers or spiked barriers.

There are many types of booms and bariers to choose from to suit your needs

Normal traffic barriers which are mainly used to prevent unwanted traffic into your premises. There are 2 types of normal barriers, mild steel and stainless steel each having its own advantages

Should you want height restriction for vehicles you can use a "jack knife" barrier

For maximum security there are spiked barriers which have retractable spikes, these prevent any vehicle from entering your premises, should they try and enter the spikes will damage their tyres to a point that they cannot continue driving the vehicle, this is best used in high security areas where a vehicle cannot ram through a barrier in an attempt to enter the premises