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Control Instruments Eastern Cape has been in the Eastern Cape for the past 45 years. Our products and services are widely extensive in range, comprising of five distinct units, namely: Time & Attendance and Access Control, Commercial Division,CCTV and Industrial Instrumentation. Each of these is vested with greatly experienced and highly qualified personnel offering the best quality of services and support in the industry

Control Instruments have been implementing Time & Attendance Solutions for the past 16 years. We have over 600 clients in every sector of the market. Our success is directly contributed to our extensive product knowledge and staying on par with the ever changing technology drive.

Control Instruments have been implementing Access Control Solutions for the past 16 years. Listening to our clients needs, we can formalize a solution that will suit their business needs. We use the best products available in the local and overseas market to customize a solution that will benefit the clients every need.

Control Instruments supplies and installs and offers support for high tech CCTV solutions. With over 16 years of experience and a client base of over 300 in the industry, we are not dictated to which products we can supply into the ever-growing market and therefore we can offer solutions that will custom fit a business and not try and customize a business to suit a product.

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Time and Attendance

See our Time and Attendace page for details on how to monitor your staff and make sure they are accuratly payed

Access Control

Want to control access to your building or limit where people can go? see our Access Control page for more information


Monitor your premises with our state of the art CCTV solutions