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Fingerprint Readers

Fingerprints are unique to each person and are made up of the ridges on your skin, even if fignerprints looks simmliar our software can tell the difference ensuring only the person with that fingerpint can use our machines and alter records

A fingerprint scanner will scan your finger as you put your finger on the glass or plastic and then compare it to the fingerprint it has on file for that employee, a positive match will allow access or alow a "clocking" to occur in time and attendance, if the fingerprint is not matched you will be asked to try again or denied access.

Fingerprint scanners compare the ridges of your fingerprint against a file and using software determine if the fingerprint is a match

The advantages of figerprint scanners: 1. Its very hard to fake a fingerprint 2. Employees or users do not have to remeber passwords 3. Fingerprint scanners have "fake fingerpint identification"
IT-30 series, Amano's new range of IP connected terminals, is the result of a multidisciplinary effort in which different design goals are met. The iTerminal addresses all the needs of our markets and provides features and services allowing for seamless integration in new domains such as payment, security and time stamping.
This device enables businesses to collect and access data anywhere, anytime, permitting integration in new business models such as Application Service Providing (ASP) and Business Process outsourcing (BPO)
For an accurate and near infallable system we suggest using Fingerprint scanners for your security and time and attendance solutions .